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Hello there! I'm Jimmy Malone

I'm a senior engineering leader and coach specializing in helping software developers elevate their careers to successful people management. My experience spans Amazon, Microsoft, Meta Platforms, and Oracle, demonstrating my ability to thrive and lead in diverse, high-performing tech ecosystems.

I started my journey as an individual contributor, a software engineer with a knack for solving complex problems. My passion for technology was paired with an equally fervent interest in leadership and team dynamics. This dual fascination led me to make a successful transition from IC roles to people management, not once, but twice in my career.

I had the privilege of leading a team of eight at Amazon, where we overhauled demand and supply systems to ship over 20 million devices. During my tenure at Microsoft, I significantly enhanced test automation infrastructure, resulting in a drastic 40% reduction in stabilization time for new Azure Compute host operating systems. At Oracle, I managed a robust team for the Security Central platform, supporting security finding lifecycles for more than 400 teams. At Meta, I continued to foster a culture of belonging, respect, and authenticity, turning around a culture of mistrust and setting ambitious targets for engineering excellence.

Outside of these tech giants, I also had a successful stint as the Director of Engineering at a startup, where I built an E-commerce frontend and backend, achieving 99.95% uptime and a whopping $6M in gross revenue in the first year.

My coaching approach combines technical depth with the warmth and authenticity of a familial environment. I believe in developing and coaching at all levels, ensuring that every single member of the team can grow and contribute meaningfully to our collective goals. I’m enthusiastic about sharing my experience to inspire, empower, and lead others towards success in their transition into people management roles.

Welcome to my blog, a space where we navigate the path to effective and compassionate leadership in the tech industry, together. Let's embark on this journey and unlock your leadership potential!

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